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We are uniquely positioned to offer everything you need on your online journey!

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By creating a solid foundation and online marketing strategy, you will get to your goals and surpass them!

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Online Marketing is a Complex Topic with Multiple Platforms and Systems to Learn.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing, Content, Management & Branding… We offer it all!

We are a one-stop shop for all of your online marketing needs, everything from creating the foundation like your website and listings to video production and marketing.

Working with multiple vendors can sometimes be a headache. We make it simpler by offering all the services under one roof!

Does Our Online Marketing Work?

See Results That Our Clients Loved

We created a campaign with Happy Hair Clinic where they presented helpful tips and FAQs regarding hair regrowth. As a result, we got a 95% reach increase on Facebook and 82% on Instagram. But, most importantly, we got them booked for weeks.

Social Media Ad Campaign, Happy Hair Clinic in Northern Virginia

With Trichology Florida, we launch a Google Ads Campaign to gain one thing (Booked appointments). We got them 63 appointments in 90 days from customers with deposits paid. During this period, online sales went up by 14% on Facebook Shops.

Search Engine Marketing, Trichology Florida Winter Park Florida

With Aroma Deli, we created a campaign to present their business and all they do in the deli. As a result, we got them an 846% reach increase on Facebook and 64% on Instagram. But, most importantly sales went up by 17% in this period.

Social Media Reach – Aroma Deli Winchester VA

With Truck City Chrome, we launch a Google Ads Campaign to gain two things (in-store traffic and online sales). We got them 907 actions in 30 days from customers with high intent. During this period, online sales went up by 23%, and walk-in was increased.

Search Engine Marketing, Truck City Chrome Orlando Florida

There’s a Right Online Marketing Option For Every Business

Do you have a plan for the new normal?

We are the masters of our domain – offering real-world solutions to digital marketing, from SEM and SEO to social media to website design, video production & commercial photography.

And just as quickly as you’ve found us, we will make sure that your future customers find you. 

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What We Do Best


Inbound Marketing

When you put all your efforts into getting found and the experience your customers have when they found your business.


Outreach Marketing

It is used to get in front of your customers in the channels they use daily, like email, text, and social media.

Creative Services

Having quality images and video projects professionalism to your customers and potential clients.

What Our Customers Think Of  Our Services

Alex and his team at AC Digital Media Services do a tremendous job of working with governments, nonprofits and small businesses to develop custom marketing solutions. We were very pleased in the Town of Middletown, VA and Access Independence, Inc with the work they did for us. They were very flexible, reasonable and an awesome finished product. ???

Charles Harbaugh IV, Major of Middletown

I met AC Digital Media Services at a time of uncertainty and doubts about the digital world. I previously hired many Companies to assist me in the step-by-step guide to growing my business in the Hair Health and Scalp Wellness Industry to become known in the USA, with no favorable results. The advice of AC Digital Media from the first day caused me an impression and enthusiasm for the comprehensive information I received, since it is Google Ads, and what can help us, FB and Instagram, very different from the information I had previously.

Leanne Gallego, Owner Trichology by Leanne Gallego

Excellent service my social networks have had incredible progress. And always strives to please and provide excellent service. And as a stylist he saw the increase in my clientele

Mariely Torres, Hair Stylist at Mariely Torres Hair Design

I’m a beauty salon owner and we have been doing business with AC Digital Media Services for a couple of months now! We where able to see a difference in our clientele within weeks of working with them . The communication and rapid response to all we ask of him and our questions is very fast ! Thank you for being so professional.

Juana Gongora, Owner at R Salon & Spa

Alex has been amazing during the process! Always communicates, very thorough, and explains everything very well and concise!

Sergio Morales, Manager of AA Insurance Group


They help us with website, Facebook, and email to get more clients and the results were pretty good! We own a car repair shop!

Omar Arguetta CO-Owner at O&D Tires and Auto

Alex Castro

Marketing Specialist

Yasiria Rodriguez

Content Writer

Marvin Rivas

Content Creator

Aliesky Perez

Web Developer

Gabriela Estefania

Graphic Designer

Our Team


We are a group of 4 professionals that love online marketing and have a great passion for it.

Our main objective is to reach your target audience, get brand recognition, generate inbound sales and obtain better ROI. 

Promote. Measure. Grow.

Create the Foundation




What is meant by online marketing?

Online marketing is the practice of leveraging web-based channels to spread a message about a company’s brand, products, or services to its potential customers.

What are the different types of online marketing?
  • Social media marketing.
  • Influencer marketing.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Email marketing.
  • Content marketing.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Paid advertising (PPC, SEM, etc.)
Can Online Marketing help my business?

The short answer is likely “yes”. While every industry is different and how it is approach is different almost all businesses can benefit from an online marketing strategy.

What is the difference between inbound and outreach marketing?

We offer both and they can work together and are suggested to do so!

Inbound Marketing offers the optimization and strategy to be present when people are searching for your services without knowing your business.  

Outreach Marketing is the more aggressive strategy that will put your business or service in front of people in places like Social Media or YouTube among others. 

Questions? We got Answers


How to claim your profile.

Best techniques to improve your profile.

How to optimize pictures the correct way.

How to respond to Google Reviews.

Google My Business Guide


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