How can Google Analytics help with your digital strategy!

Written by acdigitalmed

February 9, 2021

Whenever we discuss a project with a client, the same question arises, how can I know what is working? The answer has always been the same, Google Analytics.

Currently, several tools offer reports to measure your digital performance, including Facebook AdsEmail, and Google Adwords. These give you summaries of impressions, engagement, and interaction, but most important is often overlooked, and it is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is the most powerful measurement tool available to a business owner or marketing manager.

With Google Analytics, you can measure several things:

  • Your audience and where it comes from.
  • Which of your advertising efforts is being most effective to drive traffic.
  • How people behave when visiting your website.
  • How engaging is the content of your website?
  • What drives conversion, sales, and contact.
  • Devices people are using to visit your site.
  • What content or product on your website drives more conversions.
  • What content causes people to leave your page (Exit Page).


With Google Analytics within your strategy, you can work a digital “funnel,” where you can establish a series of steps that a visitor must follow to feel that he has the necessary information to buy your product or hire your services.

Do you know how many people enter your website daily and monthly? Google Analytics gives you this information, and much more. Let’s take an example:

A company directs all its advertising efforts to its website, where it sells its products through the e-commerce platform.

  • What would be the first thing that should be looked at? The “Landing Page” is the first thing we should look at; this should convey relevant and concise information.
  • Which page or product do you want to promote? When you create a promotion in social networks or with search engine marketing, you must direct the link depending on the product that you want to promote.
  • What is the structure of that page? If your page is to consume content, the approach is different than if you are trying to sell a product or service.
  • Does your website have all the elements to make it easy to buy your product or service? It is important that you know how many steps a visitor on your webpage must take to complete your purchase or request a quote.
  • What pages do visit those that buy from you? This is very important since they are the areas that you should highlight in your promotions.
  • Which page do those who do not buy or leave your page visit? This is called the “Exit Page,” and it is crucial that you identify and work with the content of this as soon as possible.
Google Analytics

Many “marketers” do not look at these areas but come to the determination of the effectiveness of a digital advertising strategy and/or effort for their financial result or conversion, but is the website facilitating the process for the visitor?

What did the website do to make that advertising effective? Does your landing page have the essential elements of a good page that promotes conversion? Are you encouraging visitors to decide to buy at the moment with some call to action or offer? It would help if you did not make the conversion of your visitors difficult should be as simple as possible.

A web page with the right “marketing” elements can help you grow your business sales. In short, there are many reasons why a complete digital strategy includes Google Analytics both to see the results of your efforts and to strategically improve or use what you will be doing in the future.


Do you know how what is working?

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