How can Social Media help your business

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February 9, 2021

Social Media has taken over our era by storm. It doesn’t matter if you are Millennial, Baby Boomer, or Gen Z, you probably have a social media profile. Social Media is a group of platforms where you can connect with family and friends and for a business, it gives it the chance to prove yourselves as an expert in your industry and promote. It has the power to build or break a business reputation by creating interactions and giving consumers access like never before.

Whether it is the popularity of a business or an individual, you gain trustworthiness, credibility, and followers through Social Media. Followers that can give a business a steady flow of revenue by coming back or referring new people. These platforms have been involved in so much in our lives, that people use them to voice their opinions and share how they feel about current events.

Things that can be achieved with social platforms:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Sales
  • Increased Audience
  • One to One Interactions
  • Lead Capturing
  • Connecting with the Community

Have you ever heard the word viral? That’s the power of the Social Media, if you create something great and share it in Social Media it might get enough shares, likes and comments to go viral. As a business owner, this is important because it is a platform that help amplify your message and business proposition. 

People that market through social media claimed that it has been the source of immense exposure for their businesses and that it is one of the most crucial marketing channels available to them.

It can be used positively or negatively; the same happens to businesses when consumers have the power to give their feedback. It is a great way to establish a business and gain popularity beyond your local reach. 

Anatomy of a Social Media Profile

Note: Not all social profiles are design equal this is just the basics

 Businesses gaining credibility through Social Media

Companies should take advantage of the social media platform in all possible ways. If businesses use it efficiently, they can make their business profitable. It is a fact that people don’t use social platforms to search for a service or a product like they do on Search Engines like Google and Bing, but It is also a fact that having social profiles and using them correctly will help brand awareness and reputation. 

5 ways you can build trust and reputation using social platforms:

  • Communicating with the community
  • Transparency
  • Being Responsive
  • Accountability
  • Social Responsibility
Keep these five trust-building methods in mind when marketing your brand through social media. There are many other ways for businesses to build brand trust in the digital space but we believe these should provide a good foundation for any business.

According to the trend nowadays, when people plan to start any business; At first, they approach social to flourish, promote and attract the public. Once it has been done, companies can inspire customers by nurturing and delighting their followers through posts with videos and images.

Social Media’s role in driving leads

Social platforms play a significant role in expanding any business’s scope, and they are a great source of leads. This is if they are used correctly, of course.

Why is it essential to produce leads on social media? The main reason is that you have two-way communication with these leads before they even contact you, so they are highly qualified.

Ways Social Media can be used to drive leads:

  • Driving traffic to your website or landing page
  • Sending Messages to targeted individuals
  • Creating Events in-store and online
  • Posting offers and promotions
  • Sharing your work and results with before and after’s
  • Sharing content like blog posts, tutorials, and How to’s videos

Like any other digital marketing platform, you have a lot of metrics that can be used as a reference as to how effective your efforts have been. Undoubtedly the most considerable advantage of lead generation using Social Media correctly is the tendency to target highly qualified and measurable leads through targeting features found on Social Ads.

The Difference between Social Media Management and Social Media Ads

All of these platforms are free to use but they have been optimized so businesses have to pay to play. What that means is you can have a profile and post every day with good content and people that follow your business will interact with it. When you get the biggest results is when you advertise. 

You have two different approaches to social, first, you can engage with your current followers and keep them as the main source of leads by promoting special offers and referral programs that can incentivize them to refer new people. The second approach is to manage your profiles combined with Social Ads that amplify your reach beyond your followers.

Different types of Social Ads:
  • Awareness- Get to be known
  • Consideration- Be an option
  • Conversion- Get them to your door


What Social Media platform is better for my business?

We established that social media is really important for any business, now what?
Well in our experience it will all depend on various factors:
  • The ideal customer and where it is spending their time 
  • What are you doing correctly already?
  • What are you doing wrong?
  • Are you willing to advertise to reach more people?
  • Are you sharing valuable content for that ideal customer?

In the end, it will depend on a lot in your industry and your ideal customer. We will share some ideas you can use to identify the best options for you.

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Inbound Marketing


Social Platforms and their basic applications:


  • Mainly used for Business Consumer reach.
  • Stronger with ages 35 and older
  •  Most business should have a business page active
  • Mainly used to Business to Consumer reach
  • Stronger with ages 18 to 35
  • Business with products and services that can be visually shared


  • Mainly used for Business to Business
  • Stronger with ages 35 and older
  • It is the professional network
  • B2B businesses need to be present and active


  • It can be used with both B2B and B2C
  • Strong across the board from 18 years and older
  • It allows any business the opportunity to have an exclusive channel 
  • Video is the most important medium today


  • It can be used with both B2B and B2C
  • Strong across the board from 18 years and older
  • It is great to share bite-size updates with up to 280 characters and images

There are other players like TikTok and Pinterest that are important but the most common and the foundation are the ones mentioned above.

Why are social platforms so important? Look at the numbers:


It is easy to observe that Social Media is playing a significant part in success in businesses in all industries. They now use Social Media as the potential for their business growth and communicate with their customers. Sometimes it can be highly effective, or sometimes it can be proved as a great disaster that depends on the expertise of the person doing the work.


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