Content That Converts: The Importance of Video Marketing in 2022

Written by acdigitalmed

February 8, 2021

Don’t know how important is video marketing for your business? Did you know that 73% of people looking for a product or service are more likely to invest in it after seeing a video?

Well, it’s true, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Video marketing is the cornerstone of success for every business looking to grow and expand. Because of this, you must invest in video solutions that have been proven effective.

Here, we’re going to take a look at the importance of video in digital marketing. Read on to learn some statistics that prove how critical video is in engaging consumers and discuss ways to implement video into your web page and advertisements.

Why Is Video Important in Marketing?

The human eye is drawn to movement, so it’s no surprise that video marketing solutions are incredibly effective. People are more likely to stay on a page that incorporates a video that immediately draws them in. After all, it’s much easier to digest, understand, and remember what someone says in a video than it is to read and comprehend a wall of text.

Video marketing is the strategy designed by marketing teams to create, curate, and utilize videos as a means of marketing their products or services to their target audience. The idea is to keep audience members engaged with the brand in a way that’s simple and easy to digest.

Statistics on Viewer Engagement
Looking for some data to back up this claim? That’s smart. We’ve got some statistics for you!

  • 81% of consumers only read 20-28% of the text they see online, making visuals important (Usability expert Jacob Nielson)
  • Posts that include images produce 650% more engagement than those made up of only text (medium.com)
  • In 2021, people will spend over 1.5 hours each day watching videos (Marketing Charts)
  • Video increases traffic to 83% of business websites surveyed (Wyzowl)
  • 89% of marketers say that video has boosted their ROI (Wyzowl)
  • 91% of marketers are pleased with their ROI after posting videos to social media (Animoto)
  • Tweets with videos get 10 times more engagement than those without them (Social Media Today)

Let’s take a look at the different video strategies that can help you to reap these benefits.

A Versatile Strategy

There are multiple types of videos that you can use to engage consumers.
The first and most common is called an explainer video. These videos feature an actor that gives a testimonial about how your products have benefitted them. It allows people to form a human connection with someone who inspires them to choose your services over your competitors.

Animated videos are also great because they help you visually convey statistics and data. People are more likely to remember text when it comes to fun, colorful, and eye-catching animation.

Finally, live-action skits that are similar to commercials are a good strategy. These are perfect for marketers who want to showcase how a specific product works. They let potential buyers watch the product in action so that they can see why it’s right for them,
Get Started With Video Marketing

Now that you know the importance of video in digital marketing, it’s time to get started!


Video Marketing

That’s the basis of video marketing, a forward-facing marketing strategy that integrates engaging video into your marketing campaigns.

Contact us with any lingering questions that you may have about the importance of video marketing and how you can implement these solutions for your business. Our experts are happy to schedule a meeting and buy you coffee while we discuss the ways that we can boost your ROI through video-based consumer engagement strategies. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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